The Passion of the Christ actor Jim Caviezel emulated Mel Gibson‘s ‘Braveheart’ speech to a cheering crowd of QAnon supporters.

Speaking at the For God & Country: Patriot Double Down convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Caviezel recited the speech word for word, before adding in his own talking points.

“We must fight for that authentic freedom and live my friends,” he said. “By God, we must live and with the Holy Spirit as your shield and Christ as your sword may you join Saint Michael and all the other angels in defending God and sending Lucifer and his henchmen straight back to hell where they belong.”

Caviezel ended his speech by telling the crowd that “the storm is upon us.” QAnon followers believe that former President Donald Trump will arrest members of an elite cabal on a day called the “storm.”


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QAnon is a group of conspiracy theorists who believe that an elite cabal made up of celebrities, Democratic politicians and government officials is behind a global child sex trafficking ring that extracts a chemical known as “adrenochrome” from dying children.

The group has previously predicted that “the storm” would come on multiple different days, all of which ended with nothing happening.

Many members also believe that the 2020 election was stolen and that Trump will eventually be reinstated as president, a conspiracy theory that led multiple members of the group to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6 in support of the former president.

Caviezel had previously voiced his support of the adrenochrome conspiracy theory, stating that he believes it and that there will be “no mercy” for those who are behind the fictional group.

The group’s conspiracy theories mirror centries old anti-Sematic conspiracy theories such as blood libel, the belief that Jewish people were kidnapping Christian children to steal their blood, according to the American Jewish Committee.

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