The Matrix co-creator Lilly Wachowski snapped at Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump on Twitter, after Musk tweeted about taking the “red pill,” which is a phrase from the movie that right-wing Americans have appropriated.

Musk tweeted “Take the red pill,” followed by a red rose emoji, and later Ivanka Trump quote tweeted that writing, “Taken!”

Lily Wachowski replied to the tweet by writing, “F—k both of you,” and then linked a donation page to The Brave Space Alliance, a transgender rights organization in Chicago. She created The Matrix with her sister, Lana. They are both trans women.

The idea of taking the red pill comes from the first Matrix movie, where Morpheus gives Neo a choice of a blue pill that would return his life to normal, or a red pill that would reveal that his normal life is an illusion, setting off the plot of the movie. But now, the right has co-opted the phrase “red pill” as a metaphor for a political revelation.


Musk has shared many political tweets lately, focusing on the coronavirus lockdown. He labeled the shut down as “facist” in a now deleted tweet, and pushed employees in his California Tesla factory to return to work last week, defying local orders. He threatened to sue the county where the factory is located, and move production out of California.

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