After the small tourist and shipbuilding town of Kennebunk, Me., was hit with the Zumba Fitness Studio prostitution ring scandal that implicated masterminds Alexis Wright, 29, and her Zumba partner, Mark Strong Sr., 57, the biggest question has remained the identity of the alleged johns that frequented the establishment, and now those names, which comprise what Kennebunk citizens are ominously calling "The List," are gradually being released.

The names of 21 such clients have been released in a decision made on Monday by Superior Court Justice Thomas D. Warren, who said that names — but not ages or addresses — of the Zumba clients would be made public, reports Zap2it.

"The principle that court proceedings are public is essential to public confidence. If persons charged with crimes could withhold their identities, the public would not be able to monitor proceedings to observe whether justice has been done and to observe whether certain defendants may have received favored treatment," Warren wrote in his explanation for the decision.

Wright, in addition to running the prostitution ring under the cover of the fitness studio and having sex with clients herself, also reportedly recorded johns with her employees in more than 100 hours of video footage and 14,000 screenshots that were confiscated by police.

Dan Lilley, a lawyer for Strong, claims that there are 150 names on "The List," all of which will eventually be made public. The small town prostitution ring was apparently frequented by lawyers, accountants and even a local television personality.

Not everyone in the small Maine town is happy about the exposure — and not just those who are implicated. "You can't go anywhere without people bringing it up," observed Kristen Schulze Musztnski, the managing editor of a local paper, reports CNN.

Other citizens agree. "I'm tired of it, honestly," Tina Palanka told a CNN affiliate. "I'm really tired of it. There's got to be more to Kennebunk than this. This is not a good legacy."

Wright was indicted on 106 counts related to the prostitution ring, including invasion of privacy. Strong was charged with 59 counts. Both Strong and Wright entered not guilty pleas.

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