The first official trailer for the upcoming horror slasher film Halloween Kills has been released. Halloween Kills is directed by David Gordon Green and is a sequel to the 2018 film Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Halloween Kills is the twelfth film in the Halloween franchise. The film takes place only minutes after the 2018 Halloween movie and once again sees the return of the iconic and immortal masked killer Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney), who seeks revenge on Laurie Strode (Curtis), who was the only survivor of his killing spree in the original Halloween movie from 1978 and the woman who defeated him in the previous films. Knowing that she, her friends and family will never be safe from Michael, Laurie attempts to once again take down the serial killer in a final stand.

The trailer opens with Laurie, Allyson (Andi Matichak) and Karen (Judy Greer) in an ambulance following their defeat of Michael after they burned him alive in a house. When the trio sees a fire truck heading in the direction of the house, they hopelessly scream for the truck to turn around and let the house burn to no avail. The trailer then cuts to the burning house as a pair of firemen search the structure for survivors. One of the firemen then drops to the basement when the floor collapses and is then killed by Michael, who survived the fire. When the other fireman attempts to pull his friend out, he soon becomes horrified to realize that it is Michael who then kills him. As Michael exits the burning house, he kills the other firemen.

The trailer cuts to Allyson who states that Laurie was right and the boogeyman is real. Two elderly people are soon seen in a home where Michael brutally murders them. Laurie gets out of her hospital bed and pulls out a weapon from her bag. Karen discourages her mother from going after Michael again due to her injury, to which Laurie counters that she and Allyson should not have to keep running and vows that “evil dies tonight.” The iconic Halloween music starts to play and get faster as the trailer shows contrasting shots of Michael killing more people as Laurie prepares to take him down with the support of the town. Michael is then seen holding Allyson at knifepoint who dares him to kill her. Karen soon takes Michael’s mask and challenges him to take it from her. The trailer ends with Laurie walking through the hospital with her knife as she states that she is coming for Michael. The title card is then seen as the trailer cuts to black.

Halloween Kills is expected to be released on October 15.

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