The streaming service DC Universe has been known to struggle when it comes to maintaining relevance, especially with other more popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney+. When it was announced that the talk show DC Daily was to be canceled and its scripted original shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, Stargirl and Harley Quinn would be moving to air exclusively on HBO Max, many people realized the DC Universe’s days were now numbered. In September, it was officially announced that DC Universe would get rid of most of its original scripted content starting in January 2021 and only provide DC comic books from now on. It was also revealed that DC Universe would change its name to “DC Universe Infinite.”

While it is unfortunate that this is how things turned out for the streaming service, it is not hard to see why it eventually came to this. The streaming service was only offered to people who lived in the United States, meaning that people who lived anywhere else would have to find another way to watch its content. Another reason why DC Universe failed is because not as many people were willing to pay $7.99 for a membership to watch DC-related content. Many viewers were fed up with DC’s lack of success in movies and television, while others were simply not interested in paying to watch nothing but superhero-related content. As a result, DC Universe failed to reel in the same number of viewers as Disney+, HBO Max and Netflix.

Even though DC Universe will not have its original programming moving forward, fans can still be thankful that shows like Doom Patrol, Titans, Young Justice and Harley Quinn have been renewed for another season and will air for viewers on the streaming service HBO Max. While DC Universe did not last as long as people would have hoped, it still deserves credit for branching out and providing excellent content for many fans of DC Comics.

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