Fans of Irish music should act fast – The Chieftains are almost done with their tour! The band has collaborated with such artists as Roger Waters and Van Morrison, along with a number of other accolades. “As cultural ambassadors, their performances have been linked with seminal historic events, such as being the first Western musicians to perform on the Great Wall of China, participating in Roger Water’s “The Wall” performance in Berlin in 1990, and being the first ensemble to perform a concert in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. In 2010, their experimental collaborations extended to out of this world, when Paddy Moloney’s whistle and Matt Molloy’s flute travelled with NASA astronaut, Cady Coleman, to the international space station,” the band writes on its official website. Also according to the groups website, the Chieftains also performed for Pope John Paul II when he visited Ireland in 1979 and for Queen Elizabeth II, when she made her first official visit to the Emerald Isle in 2011


The folk group, which has won six Grammy awards over its nearly 60-year existence, is currently traveling on tour. Dubbed “The Irish Goodbye,” the band began the tour on February 14 in Maryville, Tennessee and has so far toured across the United States. The last listed date for the tour is on March 19, when the band will be performing in Fairfax, Virginia. There are a handful of shows before the Fairfax performance, including concerts in Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. For those who wish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with authentic Irish folk music, it would be a good idea to buy tickets sooner rather than later.

Ticket information listed below!

Mar 11
Philadelphia, PA, US

Mar 13
Boston, MA, US

Mar 15
Newark, NJ, US
The Chieftains: The Irish Goodbye

Mar 17
New York, NY, US
Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains and The Irish Goodbye

Mar 19
Fairfax, VA, US