The Biggest Loser began with Ruben Studdard’s Red Team sharing their displeasure in the American Idol alum’s premature sendoff, but then getting inspired by a visit to a Beat Cancer Boot Camp.

Following the Beat Cancer Boot Camp workout, the contestants were gathered together to meet with Sam Kass, the White House nutrition advisor and chef. After Sam pitched the government's MyPlate program, the group’s challenge was announced. They are tasked with making a healthy meal that would be judged by teen ambassadors Lindsay, Sunny and Biingo.

The winners of the challenge are the blue team members, who had made a vegetable-filled “Backyard Quesadilla.” Their prize for the contest was $5,000 worth of healthy groceries. Jennifer took the opportunity to chat with Biingo and his mom about how to get a teenager down to a healthier size

Later on, Jillian Michaels brought her contestants to the pool for a workout. Craig unfortunately can’t swim and was fearful of drowning, but Jillian lent him a hand. The Red Team, meanwhile, might be at a disadvantage, as Tanya’s ongoing illness won’t allow her to participate in the Last Chance Workout. Bob Harper is confident that his team will ultimately prevail.

Prior to the weigh in and elimination a massive bombshell is dropped – Jillian gave the White Team caffeine supplements before last week’s weight in. Since the supplements are completely against Biggest Loser rules, the White Team incurred a 4-pound penalty. So, last week’s eliminated contestant – Ruben – gets to come back, since the results are thrown out.

For the weigh in, the numbers are a combination of the last two weeks. The Blue Team is immune, and so the 2-week totals put the White Team in last place. Craig, who lost 49 pounds on the ranch, is the one to get eliminated.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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