After a 12 season run, The Big Bang Theory officially ended after a one-hour special with a lot of callbacks to previous episodes. And while this may be the last we see of this lovable group, this episode gave eagle-eyed fans a lot to be thankful of.

The Elevator is Fixed

Longtime fans of the Big Bang Theory know that the elevator in the apartment building that Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) live, has been broken since the show’s beginning. Yet, in the finale, after years of taking the stairs, the elevator was finally fixed.


As Sheldon and Leonard leave the apartment following an argument with Amy (Mayim Bialik), the elevator dings open with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) proclaiming its fixed.

This was a moment longtime fans of the show have always wished for, and to have it the finale truly cements the show is ending.

Penny is Pregnant

After years of will-they-won’t-they, Leonard and Penny are having a baby!

Co-creator Chuck Lorre said that the pregnancy “just felt like a natural progression. When we leave these characters and say goodbye to them, we know their life is continuing and expanding. And that just felt right, that life was expanding.”

The news of Penny’s pregnancy harkens back to a line in the pilot where Leonard boasted that their children would be “smart and beautiful.”

Some things do come full circle.

Sheldon and Amy Win a Nobel Prize

Sheldon has always dreamed of winning a Nobel Prize and when he finally does win one, he regresses back to his self-center self and alienates all of his friends.

Yet, after a moment of clarity, Sheldon gives a heart-felt acceptance speech to his friends, ending it by saying, “In my own way, I love you all.”

Sheldon has grown as a character since his initial appearance, and though he is prone to being self-centered and egotistical, he does love his friends dearly.

The Final Scene

The show ended exactly how it needed to end with the gang eating Chinese food in the apartment. This scene was kept secret until the finale aired, even the live audience at attendance didn’t see it.

As showrunner Steve Holland said, “[They] talked about it a lot and realized that they had a very specific ending in mind: an ending that didn’t feel like an ending.”

“Their lives are continuing and going on. It wasn’t an ending for them,” Holland added. “They’re still going to get up the next morning and go to work and Leonard is still probably going to have to drive Sheldon and they’re probably going to play car games. For them, their lives are going to go on, but we’re just not going to see those stories any more.”

As far as endings go, The Big Bang Theory truly ended with a bang.

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