The second episode of The Bachelorette with Desiree Hartsock featured a fake wedding and a Soulja Boy rap video.

This week started the show’s one-on-one and group dates. Host Chris Harrison reminded the contestants – and the viewers – that this episode would have two one-on-one dates and one group date, and roses at each date.

The first one-on-one date recipient was Brooks Forester. The two went to the bridal shop where Hartsock works in Hollywood and shopped for wedding attire. Feeling like newlyweds, Forester swept Hartsock off her feet – and into their car. Dressed to wed, the two took pictures of themselves and fed each other cupcakes. They then traveled up to the Hollywood sign and got to know each other, discussing past relationships. As the sun set over L.A., they kissed.

Next, they had a romantic dinner, during which Forester opened up to Hartsock about his parents’ divorce and his strained relationship with his father. After a private concert with Andy Grammer, Forester got the rose.

After Forester and Hartsock’s date came the big group date. At the mansion, the group-date card arrived asking: “Who’s here for the right reason?” Enter Soulja Boy and a Bachelorette rap video.

Fourteen of the men participate in the group date – Ben Scott, James Case, Brandon Andreen, Michael Garofola, Nick Mucci, Zak Waddell, Mikey Tenerelli, Drew Kenney, Dan Cox, Juan Pablo Galavis, Kasey Stewart, Zack Kalter, Will Reese and Brian Jarosinki. A few got “lead roles” rapping in the video. Hartsock, Soulja Boy, and the contestants rapped a song entitled “For The Right Reasons” to create the idea that none of them are in it for the fame or money, but rather, they’re all in this contest to find love. The stilted parody of past contestants, though awkward, provided comic relief for the episode.

At the cocktail party following the shoot, Scott appeared to hog Hartsock’s attention, much to the chagrin of the other contestants who all decide that he’s there for the wrong reason. With this, the season’s “villain” was introduced. Despite the men’s beef with Scott, he received the group-date rose from Hartsock. Andreen, too, stole a few moments with Hartsock to pour out his heart to her, telling her about his unstable childhood and that all he wants is to love and come home to her.

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The next day was Hartsock’s second one-on-one date – this time with Bryden Vukasin. The two drove up the coast, where they tried flying kites at El Matador Beach. Hartsock introduced Vukasin to Brie cheese at an orange grove, and they ended at Ojai Spa and Resort for dinner. After opening up to her about a truck accident he survived in college, Hartsock gave him a rose – and a kiss in a candlelit pool.

A the end of the episode, Scott interrupted Garofola’s time with Hartsock during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail hour, furthering his reputation as the villain with the other contestants.

In the rose ceremony, Garofola, Case, Stewart, Cox, Galavis, Chris Siegfried, Brad McKinzie, Jaronski, Waddell, Kenney, Tenerelli, Kalter, and Andreen continued on in the competition (along with Forester, Scott, and Vukasin, who got their roses earlier). Reese, Mucci, and Robert Graham were sent home.

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