The Bachelorette saw contestants Brad McKinzie and Zack Kalter eliminated on Monday night’s episode.

The episode began with a trip to Atlantic City’s The Revel Casino. Before the group date, McKinzie received the episode’s first one-on-one date with bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. They spent their date walking on the boardwalk and playing carnival games while the other contestants watch them from the window of their hotel room.

Hartsock and McKinzie then had a sunset bonfire on the beach, where they discussed their dating types and possible future. Finally, after an awkward dinner, Hartsock broke the news to him that there’s something missing between them and tells him she’s not giving him a rose.

Next came the group date, preceded by the date card: “I’m looking for my Mr. Right.” The participating contestants were Brooks Forester, Zak Waddell, Mikey Tenerelli, Ben Scott, Bryden Vukasin, Kasey Stewart, Drew Kenney, Juan Pablo Galavis, Kalter, Michael Garofola and Chris Siegfried. This left James Case as the recipient of the night’s other one-on-one date.

Meeting at Boardwalk Hall, where the Miss America Pageant was first held, the contestants competed in a Bachelorette Mr. America Pageant. Pageant coach Christopher Dean guided the contestants through their talent portion of the show. The (now formerly) reigning Miss America Mallory Hagan guided them through the interview portion – the swimwear portion was all their own.

Hartsock, Hagan, and the mayor of Atlantic City judged the pageant. Though most made it through the interview portion all right – with questions like, “If you could be water or fire, which would you be and why?” – Siegfried had a noticeable stumble.

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The talent competition was more like a comedy skit than a serious talent show – aside from Waddell, who played a love song on the guitar for Hartsock, earning himself a rose. Finally, came the speedo portion of the competition. In too-tight swimsuits, the contestants put themselves on display. In the end, Stewart was named the winner of Bachelorette Mr. America.

In the episode’s final one-on-one date, Case and Hartsock toured the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged shore. Instead of finishing with a romantic dinner of their own, they gave their fancy dinner to a couple that lost their home in the storm and were celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary. Case and Hartsock ended up enjoying a dinner of pizza and beer. Over dinner, Case admitted to cheating on a girlfriend in college, but convinced Hartsock that he would never do it again. For his honesty, she gave him the date rose.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Vukasin expressed some doubts about him and Hartsock being right for each other. However, she convinced him to stay, telling him there’s great potential between them.

At the end of the Rose Ceremony, Kalter was the other contestant left without a rose and was sent home. Next week: Hartsock and the remaining contestants travel to Munich, Germany.

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