If you were one of The Bachelorette fans who was wondering if Emily Maynard, 26, would make the same mistake Ben Flajnik did on the last season of The Bachelor by choosing the one and only person on the reality show despised by all of America (and we're not the first to draw comparisons between Kalon McMahon and Courtney Robertson), Monday night's episode might have given you a little spark of delight, when Emily proved that a single mamma and southern belle can muster more respect for herself than a California boy who might be more inclined to think with his "little bachelor."

On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, the ten remaining suitors got a trip to London, where Sean received the date card for the first one-on-one, on which Emily — ever the romantic — thanked suitor Sean for having a personality inconsistent with his looks. "Guys who look like you are usually boring," she said, but Sean, smitten as ever, seemed to take it as a compliment, proving that he might not defy every stereotype about "guys who look like him." All was well — if not a little boring itself — between the couple, and Sean got a date rose.

As for Kalon, Emily has never seemed particularly taken with his pompous side, of which she got her first taste last week when Kalon shushed her for interrupting him during one of his baffling insights. This time, however, Kalon's dig was at Emily's daughter, Ricki, when he happened to make the mistake of comparing the child to "baggage." After the other guys heroically confronted Kalon about his statement, consummate "adult" Doug stepped into the role of breaking the news to Emily in a confession that went something like this, to paraphrase: Sorry, Emily, but Kalon is a d-bag.

"I want to go out there and rip his limbs off and beat him with them," Emily said after Kalon's true colors had become abundantly clear to her. "I will never as long as I live let anyone speak ill of Ricki or any other kids I may have or husband I may have. I want to go West Virginia, hood rat, backwoods on his ass. That's how much I love my daughter," she finished, before telling Kalon, in no uncertain terms, to "get the f–k out," in effect taking him out of the running.

At the end of the night, Alejandro was also left without a rose at the rose ceremony, leaving eight guys to duke it out for Emily's affections, and no obvious one against whom they can band together in collective hatred.

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