The women in the current Matt James season of The Bachelor got the chance to speak out Monday night in the special Woman Tell All episode.

Fifteen women James rejected joined host Chris Harrison to look back on the season and tell their own sides of the story. At the beginning of the episode, ABC provided a disclaimer to inform viewers that the episode was taped on February 4, prior to Harrison’s announcement that he would temporarily stepping away from the show.

In a show where there is always drama among contestants, Ryan revealed that she was hurt when  called Ryan her a “h- on national television.” Katie then chimed in and added, “It does suck to watch it and hear you call me ‘disgusting’ over and over again.”

Victoria apologized for her actions saying, “We’re all getting backlash for however we handled anything and I think it’s important to remember we all did the best we can do. Life is learning experience as is this journey and we’re just getting to watch it back. So again, I’m just so sorry.”

Katie accepted Victoria’s apology and said that she felt “ready to move on from this experience.” However, she thought that “death threats are unacceptable. I think body shaming is unacceptable. But we all said what we said. No one made you say anything.”

The women came for Katie next, “The house was not toxic until you made it toxic by bringing the situation up to Matt and then causing the domino effect that led to every single drama in the house,” Chelsea revealed. Serena C. added that Katie spoke with James “to light a flame and start a fire.”

“I didn’t look at it as a way to help my relationship with him. I was just being who I believe I am,” Katie responded. “I am very outspoken. I’m going to speak my mind and for me it was just kind of like, my last straw. We have to live in this house for up to two months and what I was experiencing personally, it sucked. And so for me, I feel like I owed it to Matt and to myself and to the environment to let him know my opinions.”

Towards the end of the special, James came out to confront his exes. Victoria took the opportunity to tell him what she learned in her time on the show. “It’s been hard watching the show back yes, I was involved in drama and that was a really hard learning experience because I do feel like I could’ve had a shot at more of a romance,” she said. “With my exit, it kind of just hurt my feelings how I saw you said like, I need to self-reflect and ‘I have no words for her’ because I felt like I had done my best to open up. I just have tremendous fear of rejection, so that was why my exit was just a little dramatic. I was going through like, just levels of pain at that time.”

James apologized to Victoria by saying, “When people ask me about you, I have nothing but good things to say about you. I know that, again, I’ve never been in your situation, not only from being on the other side of the rose but just your life experiences, so I apologize if you felt offended that night.”

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