On the sixth episode of The Bachelor, the remaining contestants visited an island located in the Bahamas that is ran by wild pigs. It isn’t certain how the pigs got there but theories suggest they were abandoned by a previous tenant or perhaps a shipwreck. The pigs simply rest in the sand waiting for people to stop by and feed them.

Ben Higgins took Leah, Amanda, Becca, Jojo and Lauren B, to the island of pigs as their group date and it wasn’t certain if they had enjoyed themselves.

As the contestants are enjoying the Bahamas, during hurricane season nonetheless, this season’s Bachelor, Ben, takes two lucky ladies out on a romantic date. The ladies, Olivia and Emily, are aware that only one can return from the date.

Before leaving, Olivia says, “Ben and I’s love is that all-consuming, ever-present, constantly-growing kind of love, and I don’t need to prove anything to Ben, we just need to keep progressing today.” But Olivia, who has gotten the most camera time, is the one who gets dumped and seemingly “left” on the island while Ben and Emily ride off into the hurricane sunset.

Caila was offered her second one-on-one date with Ben, but failed to open up to him. Ben felt the awkward tension was intriguing: “It’s almost attractive that Caila can be confusing.”

After the dates and pig swimming was over, the contestants had another rose ceremony which shocked the ladies considering Olivia was already sent home. Ben said goodbye to Lauren H., which means there are only six ladies left.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.





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