A new group date on the Bachelor sent a once audience favorite contestant, Sarah, into a downward spiral.

With a new round of contestants gone after last weeks rose ceremony, this season’s Bachelor, Matt, wanted everyone out of their comfort zones, feeling “uncomfortable.” The ladies were assigned to write their own sexual “love story” about themselves and Matt.

While some scaled back and wrote tasteful, steamy passages that one could find in a romance novel, other took things to the extreme, causing the shows producer’s to bleep out many of their words.

Each contestant had to stand in front of a microphone and present their own story in front of the others, much to Sarah’s dismay. The Bachelor himself went first, followed by the ladies. Each passage resulted in the other contestants squirming, covering their mouths, and gasping as they continued to hear each other’s sexual fantasies about Matt.

While most girls found the activity to be funny and playful, Sarah, who was formerly an audience favorite gone bad, made it clear that she did not enjoy herself. After refusing to sit with the other women to hear the ceremonial announcement of the next date card, she instead decided to intrude upon the post-date group cocktail party, where she revealed to Matt that when he paid attention to other women, it hurt her feelings.

Sarah apologized to the other women for interrupting their group date, which did not go over well, and ended up leaving in tears. With Sarah gone, many thought that they could now enjoy they evening. However, after Rachael got the date rose and Serena P. prepares for her one-on-one date, Matt sneaks off to Sarah’s room to lay on her bed and comfort her, assuring her that he does have feelings for her.

After two dates, the ladies prepare for the announcement of the this date card of the week. All gathered on a couch, the ladies are annoyed when Sarah is last to arrive, confronting her on why she has been distant and hiding in her room. Sarah revealed that she was planning on going home yesterday and apologized again for hiding and crashing the group date.

After the ceremony, Kate helps Sarah to decide to finally leave the house. With her father being sick and her controversies with all of the other ladies, both decide that it’s the best decision for Sarah.

After he walks Sarah out, Matt is left with 18 other women, with five more arriving next week.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.

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