On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins was introduced to his last four ladies’ families and that came with tears, accusations, and a surprising elimination during the rose ceremony.

‘The Bachelor’, Episode 8 Recap

During the first round of family visits, Ben was introduced to Joelle JoJo‘s tight knit and very protective family, including her brothers, Matt and Ben.

The two grilled Ben on his intentions with their sister: “You brainwash these girls way too much, man. To see my sister like that … She’s obviously starting to have real emotional feelings but I don’t get the same read.”

Ben also commented that it was “kind of spooky” to see his sister so attached to the bachelor so quickly. He added, “I’d love to say this guy’s that terrific, but I just genuinely can’t say that.”

Ben tried to win over the brothers but they weren’t buying it. While speaking to the cameras, Ben confided that he was telling the truth. “I’d love to say this guy’s that terrific, but I just genuinely can’t say that,” Ben stressed.

JoJo also got an unexpected present from ex-boyfriend, Cody on her doorstep: flowers and a romantic card. She quickly called the ex and exchanged words with him, adding that she happy with Ben.

Ben VS. Stepdad Image 

While visiting with Amanda‘s family in Laguna Beach, California, Ben was tested again on where he stood with the contestant.

Amanda’s father warned Ben, “You’re not used to kids in your life… the kids need to come first.”  Her family was concerned he wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being a stepfather.

Ben VS. Lauren B.’s Father 

While visiting Lauren B.’s home city of Portland, Ore., tears were exchanged between Lauren’s sister, Mollie and Ben.

“I don’t know if I can picture a better way to die than standing next to you,” he said of Lauren.

When Mollie asked his intentions with her sister, Ben became emotional and couldn’t put into words how he felt about her. “You just answered my question. Don’t cry,” Mollie said, hugging him.

But her father was a little more skeptical considering there were other women she was competing against and he doesn’t want his “baby hurt.”

Ben Vs. Cailia’s Love 

When Ben went to visit Cailia in her hometown of Hudson, Ohio, Cailia admitted she wasn’t sure if she was in love with Ben.

He admitted to her mother, Rosanna, that “She’s super joyful and cute and bubbly… then one night, she told me, I don’t know if I can love you.”

Her father, Chris, cautioned his daughter even after she admitted Ben was the one she had been looking for her whole life. Her mother urged Cailia to tell Ben she loved him but she couldn’t get the words out before they left Hudson.

The Rose Ceremony 

During the rose ceremony, Ben made a surprising elimination by sending Amanda back home to her two kids and family.

As she took her leave, Amanda said, “I’m just shocked … I’ve never introduced anyone to my kids … he seemed like he was ready to come into our lives.”

Ben was also choked up after sending her home. “I can’t do this right now,” turning his back to the cameras.


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