A Thai soccer team composed of twelve boys and their coach have been trapped in a cave for nearly two weeks, having only been discovered on Monday. It was determined on Thursday by the Thai Navy SEALs that it’s still too risky to attempt a rescue operation at the moment.


According to a CNN report, new details have come to light concerning the sport team’s predicament. Two of the boys and their coach are suffering from malnutrition, leaving them exhausted. However, in spite of their situation, the young soccer players are keeping their spirits high, playing with each other and are managing well.

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Rescue workers are stationed by the cave with equipment, while local residents are assisting by giving food to the workers. 30 more SEALs arrived to help on Thursday.

However, a rain storm is expected to hit this weekend, adding even more urgency to evict the team from the underground cave before the water levels rise any higher. As it stands, rescue workers are pumping water out of the cave every day already.

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The passageways within it, which are the only means of entering and exiting the cave, are still flooded. The boys are being taught how to scuba dive by the SEALs, though they will try to pump enough water out of the cave so the team can simply walk out. The latter is the ideal outcome, as scuba diving out of a tight passageway could be dangerous to Inexperienced divers, according to experts.

Rescuers are searching the premise for any other potentially hidden passageways into the cave that could provide another escape route for the team.

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