Professional basketball player Iman Shumpert and wife, singer Teyana Taylor hosted a Black Tie Masquerade New Year’s Eve party in Alpharetta, Georgia to celebrate the debut of Taylor’s new company.

Taylor took to Instagram to announce what a better 2021 she will have, starting an all-female production team. “Great morning world! Wow! I really can’t put it into words the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it,” she wrote along side a series of photos from the party. “Sometimes the girls we set are scary, I’m a firm believer if your goals/dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough! I stepped out on faith and let God do what God does best. Last night was not only a celebration into 2021 with some people I love but a full circle moment of when Actions and faith Align.”

“Although I closed certain chapters in 2020 I’m blessed with the book of opportunity. Entering my dirty 30 with my husband gifting me with my very own movie camera that a hell of a way to cap off the year, To bringing in the new year closing on my very own compound with my partner in crime and Co-Founder of The Aunties Inc @coco_gilbert, We, The Aunties are proud to announce, Aunties 360, a 5 acre lot that includes production, dance, recording, prop studios, equipment and the 360 green screen rooms for creatives!,” she added.

“The Aunties is more than just a sisterhood, but we nurture artist like ourselves, artist that visualize the unseen, touch the untouchable and try what most would consider unthinkable. We represent opportunity, for the best of the best had an opportunity to start. Happy New Year!,” she also said.

Taylor received support from her husband on Instagram. “Celebrated the new year with the @theauntiesinc as they celebrated a grand opening of their very first production compound,” Shumpert wrote. “Talk about an unbelievable vibe and way to bring in 2021! Talk about women that drive with no breaks…book with @theaunitesinc now.”

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