Edward Furlong, best known for his roles as John Connor in Terminator 2 and Danny Vinyard in American History X, was charged on Tuesday in Los Angeles County with misdemeanor battery.

Furlong, 35, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly shoving his girlfriend, and was booked on suspicion of domestic battery and felony domestic violence. He was held on $50,000 bail until his appearance in court today.

Prior to his January 13 arrest, Furlong was being arraigned on a warrant for another incident of domestic violence involving his girlfriend that occurred on Dec.12. Furlong has been arrested for domestic violence in the past; the most recent in October took place at Los Angeles International Airport. Furthermore, his estranged wife, Rachel Bella, has filed a restraining order against him, which he has reportedly violated.

Drug and alcohol abuse have also plagued the actor on and off since his career began to stall in the 90s. Since then, he has mostly acted in indies and as a television guest star. He currently has six films in post-production.

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