Scott’s position on the lacrosse team was threatened by new freshman and potential beta, Liam, and a new supernatural murderer arrived in Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf’s “Muted.”

We begin with Sean (Glenn McCuen), a young, blond, teenage boy, who gets into bed only to hear the screams of his family being killed in the other room. When he goes out to investigate, he comes face to face with a dark figure wielding an axe. The axe murderer tells Sean to fight him like a man, or die begging for his life. Instead, Sean jumps out the bathroom window and runs to the hospital before collapsing on the floor.

Peter (Ian Bohen), still fuming over the Hale family heist, and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who wants answers about his kidnapping and why his eye color has changed back to yellow, hire mercenary Braeden (Meagan Tandy) to work against the Calaveras and find Kate (Jill Wagner) for them first.

Scott Finally Starts His Relationship With Kira

At school, Malia (Shelley Hennig) is struggling in math, and Lydia’s crazy banshee notes aren’t helping, while Kira (Arden Cho) is freaking out because her mother tells her that they are moving back to New York – she doesn’t care that Kira has friends who know about her kitsune powers, or, it appears, that she may have found love with Scott. The boys, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) are also dealing with some regular high school stress: girl problems. Stiles is trying his best to be a supportive boyfriend to Malia, which mostly involves helping her with math and making out with her. During a sweet study session, Stiles realizes that Malia’s crazy color-coded highlighting – green for things she knows, yellow for things she knows, but doesn’t quite understand, and red for when she has no clue – is exactly what he did last season when he was trying to map out the supernatural occurrences in Beacon Hills. Scott, on the other hand, is having a bit more trouble. When Kira comes up to Scott at school to arrange a time to talk to him, he asks her to meet up after practice and, without thinking, gives her a quick peck before going to class. It’s only once he’s seated that he realizes that they just kissed for the first time since Alison’s death – and now he has no idea what to do.

New Lacrosse Player Liam Threatens Scott

Meanwhile, the lacrosse team has suffered some major losses in the past few seasons – most notably Jackson and Isaac – and Coach (Orny Adams) has decided to host open tryouts. All positions are up for grabs, including Scott’s status as team captain and Stiles’ tenuous position on the varsity team. Stiles and Scott try to defend their status as junior lacrosse players, but this new kid, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), is dominating the field, and Scott doesn’t want to use his Alpha wolf powers in the game. But, after one too many embarrassing stumbles, Scott lets his red eyes glow and impresses Coach with his defensive skills. Liam does manage to get past him, however, and Malia, who is watching from the bleachers with Kira, stands up and demands a redo. As added incentive, she bets Coach $10 that Stiles and Scott can stop Liam from scoring. Eager to take the bet, Coach accepts, and Scott, Stiles and Liam collide, resulting in an ankle injury for Liam. Stiles and Scott take Liam to the nurse, and before they leave to take him to the hospital, Scott apologizes to Kira for “before.” It’s awkward, and he almost walks away, but then he decides that he’s not sorry, in fact, he’s so not sorry he kisses her again in the hallway.

Deputy Parrish And Lydia Find Dead Bodies

Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley), intrigued by the odd nature of Sean’s family’s murder, is sitting outside of their abandoned home – now an active crime scene – when he hears something. Insides, he runs into Lydia (Holland Roden), who is clearly in some kind of banshee trance. He’s not too surprised to find her there, and even suggests that her knack for showing up when there’s a dead body could mean she’s psychic. He’s got an open mind, he says, but Lydia brushes it off. The two of them find a hidden meat locker behind a wall full of frozen, dead bodies.

Scott Bites Liam

Immediately, Lydia calls Scott and tells him he has to get to the hospital and check on Sean – something is not right. Luckily, Scott is already at the hospital – he took Liam and eavesdropped on a conversation Liam had with his doctor dad about lacrosse – and he gets to Sean just in time to save his mother (Melissa Ponzio) from being eaten alive by the orphaned teen, who it turns out is a wendigo. Wendigoes, apparently, only eat human guts – they “can’t help it” – and Sean already took out the Deputy that was standing guard by his room because he was starving. Scott is able to fight him off, but Sean is strong. His eyes glow bright white and his teeth are not unlike the nogitsune from last season. Sean runs and Scott follows after making sure his mom’s all right. He traces Sean up to the roof, where Sean took Liam, having grabbed him in the hallway on his way up. Scott and Sean fight, but it leads to Liam dangling from the roof of the hospital, with Scott doing his best to grab hold of him while Sean attacks from behind. It’s all too much, and Liam is slipping. Unable to think of how to save Liam, Scott makes a split-second decision and bites Liam. Of course, just as he begins the process of creating another werewolf, the mysterious murderer from the opening of the episode returns and kills Sean, stabbing him in the back.

The murderer, a creepy, bald man with no mouth, makes eye contact with Scott and puts his finger over where his mouth should be. Earlier in the episode, we saw the murderer plugging in some kind of feeding-tube into his neck, but it wasn’t transmitting food, it was transmitting data to a computer. And it’s safe to assume that this axe murderer is the first of the supernatural murderers coming to Beacon Hills this season.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.


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