As MTV’s successful sci-fi drama Teen Wolf gears up for its final ten episodes, its creators and cast took the San Diego Comic-Con stage one final time to reminisce about the series with the fans. Additionally, the Teen Wolf panel shared some new information about the final season, including a trailer. After the panel, the cast shared some champaign backstage.

Teen Wolf stars Dylan SprayberryShelley HennigKhylin RhamboDylan O’BrienLinden AshbyCody ChristianMelissa Ponzio, Tyler Posey, and Charlie Carver were all on tap for the conversation with their fans. The panel was moderated by Jeff Davis, the show’s creator.

The cast spent much of the time talking about their character’s and their personal journey throughout the filming of the series – the show was highly praised among critics and online. While the panel was an hour long, MTV also conducted a live stream after the conversation which can be seen below.

As is revealed by the trailer that was released during the panel, the final season promises one final – and hopefully decisive – showdown between Scott McCall’s werewolf pack and the evil werewolf hunters.

Says the grandmaster of hunting werewolves Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan): “This isn’t about just killing one werewolf. We are building an army … to hunt them all.”

Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday, July 30 at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

Watch the season trailer below.

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