Ted Danson will headline an upcoming NBC comedy created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

The series is said to center on a rich businessman who runs for mayor of Los Angeles for non-altruistic reasons. After he wins unexpectedly, he is faced with the reality of governing and has to “figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his staff, and connect with his teenage daughter, all while controlling the coyote population,” according to the show’s logline.

“We are thrilled to be back home at NBC and writing for one of the network’s greatest stars of all time, Mary Steenburgen’s husband, Ted,” said Fey and Carlock.


Danson starred in The Good Place, which will enter its final season in the fall. He also starred in Cheers, Becker, and Damages. He is nominated for his second Emmy in the Outstanding Lead Actor category, which he’s won twice.

Carlock has worked on 30 Rock and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Tina Fey.

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