A Ted Cruz look-alike appeared on The Maury Show recently to try to find out who fathered her baby – and it’s all over the Internet.

Ted Cruz Look-Alike

On Monday’s episode of Maury, titled “5 Men Tested… Will I Find My Daughter’s Father Today?,” a woman named Searcy was trying to prove that her boyfriend was her son’s father. More shocking than the results of the paternity test – the boyfriend is the father – was how much Searcy resembled GOP presidential nominee Cruz.

A screenshot of Searcy soon went vial on the Internet, with people wondering whether she is Cruz’s sister, Cruz’s daughter or Cruz himself dressed in drag.

Eventually, even The Maury Show got in on the gag.

In the past, Cruz has been compared to the Zodiac Killer, Grandpa Munster and the lead singer of heavy metal band Stryper.

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