Taylor Swift has released a new song off her upcoming album 1989 called “Out of the Woods.” The song, like the album, is far from Swift’s country roots, and represents a new era for the young singer, who is experimenting with different genres and cultivating more of a pop sound. The track features heavy use of electronic sounds and synthesizers and was co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff of Fun and Bleachers.

“I used a Yamaha DX7 a lot on that song, which is so uniquely eighties, but then countered it with a super-distorted Minimoog Voyager in the chorus,” Antonoff told USA Today about Swift’s new track. “That sounds extremely modern to me. It’s that back-and-forth.

Swift has been careful to warn fans about the upcoming 1989, noting that it’s significantly different from her previous works. By releasing the experimental “Out of the Woods” early, she hopes to ease fans into the change. “I think it’s the greatest example of the sound of this album,” she said.

Like many of her previous songs, “Out of the Woods” is believed to be about her tumultuous and brief relationship with One Direction member Harry Styles, though she claims the lyrics are at least somewhat based on another incident with a different ex involving a snowmobile accident that resulted in a hospital visit, and as the lyrics say, “Twenty stitches.” Though no incident appears to be on the record, Swift said that it was kept quiet.

Early reactions to the song has been met with excitement from fans.

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz, who is both a friend and a fan of Taylor Swift also liked the new song.

1989 will be released on October 27.