Susan Sarandon didn’t shy away from saying what she really thinks about Woody Allen when asked about the director at the Cannes Film Festival.

Susan Sarandon On Woody Allen

Sarandon, who is at the Cannes Film Festival as an ambassador for beauty brand L’Oreal, was asked what she thought about Allen never pairing an older woman with a younger man in his movies – while often doing the opposite – during the Kering Women in Motion Talk. At first, Sarandon declined to answer, saying, “I have nothing good to say about him. I don’t want to go there.”

When pressed, Sarandon referred to allegations made by Allen’s daughter Dylan Farrow. “I think he sexually assaulted a child and I don’t think that’s right,” Sarandon candidly shared.

This is not the first time that Sarandon has given her honest opinion of Allen, who is a divisive figure in Hollywood. Back in 2014, Sarandon admitted that she was no fan of the filmmaker. At that time, Sarandon pointed to Allen’s decision to marry Soon-Yi Previn, his ex-parter Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter who he had appeared to help raise during his relationship with Farrow and who is 35 years his junior.

“I have issues with Woody Allen,” Sarandon told The Daily Beast. “I think he really tore that family apart in a way that was horrible, and hasn’t really dealt with the aftermath. He’s always had a reputation for being with younger girls—I mean younger girls. And also, that young woman [Soon-Yi] was very vulnerable, and I think it was very hard for the siblings, and certainly for Mia. You just don’t go there. You don’t go there.”

Incidentally, Sarandon did attend the premiere of Allen’s latest film, Cafe Society, at Cannes last week.

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