Singer Susan Boyle and her neighbors in Blackburn, Scotland, have repeatedly been harassed by a group of teenagers.

According to Page Six, Boyle has been the target of the attacks on several occasions. During one such attack, Boyle was on a bus when the group hurled rocks at the vehicle.

Boyle, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2012, was also the target of an attack in which the teens threw burning pieces of paper at her.

“It all came out of the blue at the end of last week,” a source close to Boyle told Page Six. “Because Susan is very much of the mindset that she doesn’t want to cause any problems or be any bother, she didn’t actually tell anyone but she mentioned something a couple of months ago.”

“But she downplayed it … Other members of the community have been victims as well.”

Other members of the community have faced similar harassment including one women who had a glass bottle thrown at her by the group, according to The Daily Mirror. The group is made up of around 15 teens, most of them boys.

“We will be speaking to the police with regards to these incidents,” a representative for Boyle said in a statement.

Boyle lives in the same three-bedroom home that she grew up in, in Blackburn. She bought the house after finishing in second place on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

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