Previously on Survivor:

The castaways were separated by age into two tribes, Millennials and Gen X.

At the Millennials tribe, Figgy quickly used her womanly wiles (same) to seduce Taylor and the two formed a four person alliance with Jay and Michelle. The rest of the Millennials tribe was aware of the “popular clique’s” budding friendship and began to grow weary of it.

At the Gen X tribe, David’s lack of strength, paranoia, and general fear of everything ostracized him from the rest of the tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, despite a lot of trash talking, the Gen X tribe came up short and earned a date with Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Paul formed a majority alliance and left Cece, David, and Rachel on the outs and up for elimination. In the end, Rachel was voted out by her tribe because of her inability to complete the puzzle that she volunteered to do.


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Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 2 Recap

It’s Day 5 and the Gen X tribe still does not have fire. David, in an attempt to prove his worth to the tribe, tries his hand at starting the fire and succeeds. Despite David’s contribution, Paul and his alliance say that either Cece or David is the next to go. Fearing for his safety in the game, David heads off to look for an idol under the guise of “finding big rocks to sit on” (good one). Eventually David stumbles upon a painted coconut and breaks it open to reveal the hidden immunity idol (YAS. Shake that tribe up, Dave!).

At the Millennials tribe, Taylor and Figgy continue their flirting, even going so far as to make out during their bedtime cuddle sesh. My girl Michaela notices the two kissing and is repulsed “you stink, your mouth is nasty, and you got sand in your drawers” (but really). Power couples are typically seen as a big threat in the game of Survivor, but Figgy doesn’t think that her tribe will view her and Taylor as a threat (Newsflash: they do).

Back at the Gen X tribe, Daddy Ken, wearing nothing but his iconic blue briefs, talks about his struggles with social anxiety and how he can relate to David. Ken wants to help David experience new things and grow as a person (*swoon*). Ken plans to break up the majority alliance which he dubs “Paul’s Posse”, and approaches David with the idea. David, who thinks Ken is an Adonis (SAME), shows Ken his hidden immunity idol and the two form an alliance (now this is a power couple I can get behind).

– Immunity Challenge –

For the immunity challenge the tribes must one by one dive into the water, climb up a cargo net and jump off to catch a key. Once all the keys are collected the tribes must open a chest to reveal a mask. Using the mask, the tribes then must dive down to unlock five giant rings. The first tribe to successfully throw their five rings onto the five spikes wins immunity and a tarp.

The two tribes are evenly matched throughout the first half of the challenge. When it is David’s turn to get a key, he struggles greatly and gives the Millennials a sizeable lead (ugh come on, David). Despite being behind by a considerable margin, Daddy Ken and the rest of the Gen X tribe gain momentum and win immunity and a tarp.

With the Millennials heading to Tribal Council, the general consensus is to send Figgy home to break up her and Taylor’s power couple. Jay and Michelle however, don’t want to see their alliance member go home, and concoct a plan to vote Mari out. Zeke told Jay that Figgy will be the first voted out and Michaela will likely be the second. Jay takes this information straight to Michaela and tries to persuade her to not vote out her island-nemesis Figgy.

At Tribal Council the discussion focused mainly on the power couple and the potential threat that they could pose. While Jeff is conversing with the tribe members, Michelle is whispering to a confused Hannah that she should “trust her” and vote for Mari. As the votes are read, it is revealed that Mari was voted out over Figgy by a vote of seven to three (SO DUMB). With Mari being voted out, Zeke and Adam are seemingly on the outs of their tribe after voting against the majority. The preview for next week’s episode teases at a twist that can shake up the tribes. Tune in Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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