Episode five of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers began with Ben speaking in the cold open about his time in the military and how badly he was treated upon his return. “There’s things upstairs that are there forever,” he begins, after hearing the crackle of burning bamboo that reminded him of gunfire. “Coming back with that stuff — it’s hard, it’s lonely, and you feel like no one understands. Civilians have no idea what it’s like to be shot at and have people try to kill you. You can’t comprehend it without going through it.”


The action started with a reward challenge, in which contestants had their arms and legs bound, but had to slither up a sandy hill and push a ball all the way up. Then their teammate would shoot the balls into a basket. Poor Ryan struggled and ended up causing his team, the Healers, to lose. The reward? Coffees. First plays got iced coffee, hot coffee, pastries, and teas; second place got just iced coffee, and last place got nothing.

Afterwards, Jessica and Mike head off to search for an idol, and they find one! This is not as surprising as it might sound, however, as Cole told them exactly where Joe had found his idol on his beach.

Later, for the immunity challenge, players had to swim and grab three heavy bags of rice int he ocean, which then had to be pushed through a tiny window and carried over a balance beam to the shore. Then they had complete a ball maze. The Hustlers won this one, with the Heroes in second and Healers in last.

As the Healers lost, they were the ones to meet up with host Jeff Probst at the Tribal Council. There, Roark declares that Chrissy should be voted out, and Ali agrees. But Ryan isn’t so sure. He is stuck between Chrissy and Ali because they are his two closest alliance members, but at the same time the two refuse to work together. In the end, Ryan adjusts his thinking and votes out Roark, who viewers got essentially no time with.

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