Suge Knight, notorious hip-hop mogul, had an emotional outburst in court on Friday — after the judge on his murder case denied him access to information on key prosecution witnesses.

Suge Knight Loses Temper In Court

Knight’s breakdown reportedly came after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen ruled that Knight can’t get addresses for several key prosecution witnesses and will have to wait a week before trial to get the names of three more key witnesses.

Knight’s request for witness info was denied due to concerns he might try to intimidate the witnesses.

“My time is ticking some days because of the health problems I have, and right now I’m not getting a fair chance to prove my innocence,” Knight told Coen.

The Death Row Records co-founder remarked on his troubles regarding paying his lawyers and the lack of communication outside of his defense team.

“If I don’t have the right to discuss my business or my own finances to take care of my own children, how do I have a right to defend myself? Because if I have no communication with the world, I cannot hire the right people,” Knight explained.

“I hate to have to go through all this and die in jail,” Knight claimed.


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“I think all of this is just starting to take a toll on him both emotionally and physically. Obviously he’s been incarcerated over a year. He’s not getting the proper medical attention,” Knight’s attorney J. Tooson told the Daily News. “What you saw today was just a product of that.”

Tooson noted that Knight is on medication blood clots and diabetes and was rushed to a hospital by ambulance last week because jail personnel allegedly did not take his condition seriously.

“I don’t want you to die,” Judge Coen told Knight in court.

Coen agreed to sign any medical orders brought to his attention by Knight’s lawyers.

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