The fourth and final season of Succession opens with patriarch Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) birthday. It’s a miserable get-together populated by co-workers and associates who he doesn’t care about.

His predicament is self-inflicted as the people he truly loves, his children, are not present. In the season 3 finale he ousted Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) from the family company, Waystar Royco.


The episode sees the shaky team-up between Kendall, Shiv and Roman result in a new business venture called the Hundred. The proposed media company is labeled as a mishmash of different businesses: “Substack meets MasterClass meets The Economist meets The New Yorker.”


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It’s an unfeasible idea, which the Roy children quickly give up when rumors that the Pierce media brand is looking for buyers again. Everyone is immediately on board except Roman, who is afraid of his father while simultaneously seeking his approval.

The children fly to the Pierce estate, looking to beat their father to the acquisition. A bidding war ensues and eventually, the trio buys the Pierce company for $10 billion, marking a rare win for Kendall, Shiv and Roman and solidifying an even more notable alliance among them.

However, money can’t buy happiness. Shiv and her husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), who are separated after Tom’s betrayal in the season 3 finale, run into each other at their penthouse. Tom wants to explain himself, but Shiv doesn’t want to talk, leading them to wearily hold hands and leave everything unspoken.

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