On July 4, the new season of Stranger Things hit Netflix. Viewers were excited about the new eight episodes, but it left them with many questions.

What happened to Hopper? Is Will gay? How is the Demogorgon back? All of these questions will be answered.

Warning: this does contain spoilers.

One of the many questions that people asked was about Hopper. What happened? The season ended with Joyce blowing up the entryway and Hopper. She didn’t have a choice and it was all to save the children and the entire town. However, after the explosion, she searched for Hopper everywhere.

Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, then had to face Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. This convinced fans that Joyce had lost someone close to her once again and that Eleven had lost her second father figure.


In the final scene of Season 3, it featured men in Kamchatka, Russia, who were feeding people to a Demogorgon. As they were about to open one cell door, one man said to the other: “Not the American.” It is possible that Hopper could be the American.

As for the Demogorgon, how has this monster returned? Although it was destroyed in season 1, there may have been some way that it came back in full force allowing it to appear in the newly released season, and eating humans.

Noah Schnapp‘s character, Will, gets in a fight with Lucas, played by Caleb McLaughlin, and Mike, played by Fill Wolfhard, in a garage. The fight was ultimately about how Will got upset with Lucas and Mike being distracted by the girls in their lives. Mike then yells, “It’s not my fault that you don’t like girls.” This could mean a number of things: he’s gay, he isn’t interested in girls yet, or he’s not interested in anyone at all.

Despite Will’s questionable sexuality, the relationship between Eleven and Mike also sparked some attention. Eleven and Mike exchanged “I Love yous” at the end of the season, but she also left town with the Byers. This could be an “I love you” that people say to others they consider friends or family.

In addition to Eleven, she is unable to use her powers in the final scene. Three months after the mall’s demise, she can’t do something as simple as moving a stuffed animal. Brown’s character is noted for her supernatural powers, and it’s quite a shock to think that she’ll never have powers again. This could be leading to a bigger plotline in the next season.

Steve (Joe Keery) also had a conflicting moment in season 3 when he said that he didn’t love Nancy (Natalia Dyer) anymore. This is highly unlikely since he saved her by slamming a car into Billy (Darce Montgomery). He also saved the kids as well, but Nancy was there, so it could mean that there was some emotional connection between them.

Max, played by Sadie Sink, showed everyone this season that she’s a strong character, even without a boyfriend. With the loss of her brother Billy, this will definitely have a huge impact on her in the next season. Her best friend Eleven is also not around, so this will hurt her even more.

The final question that left people wondering was if Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) will ever see Suzie again. Suzie pretty much saved the world thanks to her knowledge, and the two long-distance lovers deserve to reunite.

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