Steven Ray Tickle, a star of the Discovery Channel's series Moonshiners, better known as just “Tickle,” was arrested last Thursday for public intoxication.

Tickle, 35, was sitting in his car that was parked in a convenience store lot in Danville, Va., when a police officer approached the car, law enforcement authorities told TMZ. When the officer got nearer, he could smell the alcohol coming from the vehicle. He then noticed that Tickle, alone in his car, was actively drinking booze.

Although the officer tried to arrange for someone to come get Tickle and bring him home, he was unsuccessful. Without any other clear options, he arrested Tickle for being drunk in public and brought him into custody at Danville City Jail. He was released later that day.

Moonshiners, which airs on the Discovery Channel, follows people like Tickle, who make the illegal (and absurdly strong) alcoholic beverage.

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