A new movie in the science fiction series Predator is finally upon us, and it was screened for early viewers at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday. It will premiere on the streaming service Hulu on August 5, and will show the classic monster facing off against a female Comanche Nation warrior in the 1700s.

The film’s main stars showed up for the premiere. Amber Midthunder who plays Naru, and Dakota Beavers who plays Taabe are the main human protagonists who will be hunting, or hunted by Dane DiLiegro who is the Predator.

Midthunder told Geek Culture she was initially intimidated to live up to the role originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and she happily put that fear “in a box and never thought about it again.” She also expressed joy that she was able to play and act alongside native characters who have “different personalities, human desires, you have things you can relate to. And I’m really proud of that.”

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