It was a star-studded episode last night on Saturday Night Live, as Matthew McConaughey hosted with Adele as the musical guest.

One sketch that caught earned many laughs was the “Star Wars Screen Test”. J.J. Abrams introduced some “screen test” footage of auditions. An impersonation of Sofia Vergara and Daisy Ridley started off with a chemistry test, with Vergara quickly going into a tangent about minions. Jay Pharoah imitated Shaquille O’Neal as Chewbacca, and “Javier Bardem” made a dirty joke about where a lightsaber should come from.

But it was the real celebrities that stole the show. Emma Stone came on to audition for Rey, and made a joke about the controversy surrounding whitewashing in the film “Aloha.” Michael Bublé got to put a new spin on “making whoopee,” with the song now being about “making wookie.” John Hamm stole the show with a horrendous pun, having rewritten the script to turn Han Solo into “Hamm Solo.” Chris Tucker came out of nowhere to reprise his famous role in “The Fifth Element.” Daisy Ridley did the lion’s share of the work, cameoing in other “screen tests.”


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Other parts fell flat. Bobby Moynihan tried, but the George Lucas impression wasn’t particularly funny. He improved as “Danny Devito” though, rolling around in a ball to simulate BB-8. But that was part of the strength of the sketch: there were so many that one was quickly forgotten in favor of the next. And the mixture of celebrities and impersonators meant viewers had plenty of “wait, is that…?” moments.

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