It will have been four years in November since Daniel Craig, 44, stepped into the well-polished shoes of 007 British spy hero James Bond for the second time in 2008's Quantum of Solace, but details are already spilling out about installment number 23 in the 007 franchise, Skyfall, directed by Revolutionary Road's Sam Mendes.

The title, for one, could be interpreted literally, since Skyfall includes a scene in which a train comes crashing down on Craig-as-Bond's head in a London Underground station, according to Vulture. Javier Bardem, who plays the villain Silva (who sports blond hair in at least one scene) causes the explosion that kicks off the possibly titular chase, indicating that you're guaranteed a good amount of action in the upcoming Skyfall.

With Oscar-winner Mendes — who directed ex-wife Kate Winslet in the acclaimed Revolutionary Road in 2008 and Kevin Spacey in 1999's American Beauty — at the helm, you can expect a little more than just mindless explosions. "He has taken [Skyfall] from an out-and-out sheer action movie to an action thriller with big characters. To me that's very important, that the storyline and characters are involved in the action …. Because Sam hasn't got a history with action films, he thinks outside the box."

The plot of the newest Bond installment centers around Judi Dench's M and a possible rift in her relationship with Bond. M's "past comes back to haunt her" in the new flick, and Craig must hunt down the threat. As an actor, Craig is ready for his third shot at the Bond challenge. "It's been a journey for me to learn how to be Bond," he told Moviefone. Now I'm here, I just want each one to be better than the last. I'm in a good place."

The Ian Fleming-inspired Skyfall, starring Craig alongside Dench, Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCrory, and Albert Finney, will hit theaters on November 9.

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