Ted, opening this Friday, stars Mark Wahlberg as a grown man stuck with his boyhood wish come true: a real-life, walking, talking teddy bear (voiced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane) who doesn't exactly have the most G-rated habits. With a penchant for hookers, alcohol, pot and cocaine, Ted is delinquent by human standards, let alone those of a stuffed animal.

Ted, which is hitting theaters the same day as Channing Tatum's stripper movie Magic Mike and Tyler Perry's latest Madea installment, is expected to claim the number one slot (or at least the number two, second to last week's number one, Pixar's Brave), according to the LA Times. But will it satisfy in the laugh department?

That depends, writes Huffington Post blogger Mike Ryan, on whether or not you're a fan of MacFarlane's style of comedy. Already outrageously dismissive of all political correctness on Fox's Family Guy, MacFarlane brand of humor gets ratcheted up even higher in the R-rated Ted. "If I hate Family Guy, will I hate Ted?" Ryan asks, and then answers: "It's possible. For one, Ted himself, at times, sounds an awful lot like Peter Griffin. Though, Ted's humor is much more crass than Family Guy is allowed to be. Also, thankfully, Ted doesn't base its entire comedic stylings on flashback non-sequiturs."

Ryan also poses the question of how much laughter in Ted is of the guilty, squirm-inducing variety. "During Ted how many times did you find yourself feeling extremely guilty for laughing at something that just occurred on screen?" one might reasonably ask. Ryan's answer: "Four times."

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