In the '80s musical Rock of Ages, opening Friday, actress Malin Akerman plays a Rolling Stone reporter sent to interview rocker Stacee Jaxx, played by Tom Cruise. But Akerman ends up using her teeth for more than just asking questions — she uses them to take off Cruise's leather pants.

"We were very close to very personal parts," Akerman told USA Today. "But it was well-choreographed and we had dress rehearsal to figure out just how we were going to do this. It all worked out just fine. And apparently," she added, "I'm a pro at taking off leather pants with my teeth."

Akerman said Cruise was a brave sport during the process. "He didn't say anything," she confessed. "I think he trusted me. And I was careful not to do anything, well, to make him not trust me. It was all fine. We made sure all the positions were proper."

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