We're still almost half a year away from the seventh season of Showtime's hit show Dexter, starring oh-so-amicable exes Michael C. Hall, 41, and Jennifer Carpenter, 32, which will premiere on September 30, but people are already thinking about how Dexter's premiere will pick up from the sixth season's cliffhanger, which showed Carpenter's Debra Morgan catch Hall's Dexter in the act of conducting one of his clearly premeditated murders.

While it's not clear yet how Debra will cope with the news that her dear step-brother, for whom she's also started to develop more-than-sisterly feelings, is actually a cold-blooded serial killer, we do know that Rome's Ray Stevenson, 47, will be joining the cast of the seventh season, also rumored to be the penultimate season, of Dexter, according to EW.

Stevenson, who has also been in such films as Thor, Kill the Irishman, The Book of Eli, and upcoming anticipated sequels Thor 2 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, will play the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate on Dexter.

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