If you thought the first installment of the now-legendary The Hangover was racy, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Todd Phillips film, which stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis as three unlucky buds who get into epic trouble when they party, isn't skimping on nudity …. of the male frontal variety.

"The amount of penises on screen is at a new level," said a talent manager who attended the world premiere screening, according the The Hollywood Reporter. If male nudity is the final frontier of mainstream American filmmaking, The Hangover has planted its stake in the ground. "The reason it works is the matter-of-fact quality in which it's presented," No Strings Attached director Ivan Reitman, who also viewed the film, said. "And this is why it's so well-directed. It's almost done in passing so the comedic value is more effective."

Actor and comedian Ken Jeong, who bared it all for a few seconds in the first The Hangover, is again the subject of a lengthier display in its sequel. There is even a moment when members of the gang appear to fondle his manhood. But don't think that's the end and rush out of the theater after the final scene. A good deal of the nudity takes place in the pictures that play out during the credits, revealing the actual events of the boys' lost night.

Watch a trailer for The Hangover, minus male frontal, here:

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