A statue of Marvel comic book hero Spider-Man in South Korea will be coming down after a number of complaints about the superhero’s apparent erection.

Spider-Man Statue Has Erection

At the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea, a statue of Spider-Man is affixed to an outer wall of the structure. The feet and arms of the statue are flush with the building’s wall with his torso and pelvis are extended. The crab-like pose has received a lot of negative attention due to the prominent erection the Spider-Man is sporting – and the fact that he’s hovering over the shopping center’s playground, reported E! News.

The sculpture, which was created by artist Eunsuk Yoo, will be coming down roughly a year after its installation. Though Yoo could have altered the statue and keep it up, he decided to completely remove it.

The "reason for it was that [he] wanted to apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero [to] depict what's natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way,” Yoo wrote on his Facebook page, as translated by Kotaku. "I understand that a piece that could be potentially interpreted as lewd can be offensive at a place like shopping mall. It's disappointing, but I'll reach out to the public with a better work next time."


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