Preacher and televangelist Paula White, who is the spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, called on angels from Africa and South America in a prayer service on Wednesday night in an attempt to help get the president re-elected.

The marathon prayer service was held at the New Christian Destiny Center in Orlando, Florida and livestreamed on Facebook. Clips of the service went viral, including one where White calls on “angelic reinforcement” from South America and Africa. “The Lord says it is done,” the preacher claimed, saying that “I hear victory, victory, victory, victory. In the corners of heaven.”

She then began speaking in tongues, before resuming in English: “For angels have even dispatched from Africa right now … They’re coming here. They’re coming here. In the name of Jesus. From South America, they’re coming here,” she said.

It didn’t take long for the internet to give White the meme treatment.

Some social media users even remixed the preacher into songs. Including Toto’s “Africa” and Eminem’s “Without Me.”


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