Another "Surivor" has been crowned. The 23rd season of CBS' hit reality contest, "Survivor: South Pacific," named Sophia Clarke, 22, the winner after she received six out of nine votes from the jury. Of her two final competitors, Benjamin "Coach" Wade received three votes and Albert Destrade got zero.

A medical student from Wilsboro, New York, Clarke goes home with a million dollars, which ought to put a pretty nice dent in her college loans. "I had a feeling, but you never know," Clarke during the reunion special. "I think I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time."

Clarked gained an edge in the competition by winning three individual immunity challenges, including the final one. She also got off to a solid start by forging an early, strong alliance with her teammates.

The next and 24th season of the show will be called "Survivor: One World," host Jeff Probst said. It will feature two rival tribes living together on the same island and is set to kick off in February.

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