Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith’s children, Jaden and Willow Smith are the latest celebrities trashed in new emails released by the Sony Hack on Saturday.

Amy Pascal Calls Leonardo DiCaprio “Despicable”

In new emails made public by the Sony Hack, Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal expresses her great disdain for DiCaprio after the actor pulled out of starring in Jobs, the Steves Jobs biopic from screenwriter Aaron Sorkin that now resides at Universal Pictures. According to an email exchange with Jobs producer Mark Gordon from Sept. 18, 2014, Pascal was incredibly disappointed that DiCaprio changed his mind about committing to the project.

GORDON: Was this about the deal… or did he just change his mind
PASCAL: The latter
GORDON: Horrible behavior
PASCAL: Actually despicable.

Earlier leaked emails exposed the extent of the behind-the-scenes drama between Pascal and producer Scott Rudin that led to Jobs being taken away from Sony Pictures. The troubled film was originally slated to star Christian Bale, but the studio was left scrambling after Bale backed out of the project. Michael Fassbender is currently signed on to star.


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More embarrassing emails also came to light over the weekend. In an email dated Nov. 18, 2014, Tom Rothman of TriStar productions sent Pascal a link to Jaden and Willow Smith’s strange interview with T Magazine, writing, “1. Read this. 2. They r home schooled: don’t let this family date your movies!!!”

In the midst of all the celebrity bashing, a few nicer emails have also been released, including one from George Clooney to Pascal in which the star and director of The Monuments Men apologizes for the film’s lackluster reviews and troubles at the box office. “I need some protection from all the reviews. Let’s just make it a hit. I haven’t slept in 30 hours. And it’s 7 a.m.,” Clooney wrote to Pascal.

Pascal responded, “we will protect you by making money… that’s the best revenge.”

Clooney then replied with a sweet, supportive email, stating, “I adore you Amy. You are literally the only person running a studio that loves film. I fear I’ve let you down. Not my intention. I apologize. I’ve just lost touch… Who knew? Sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Another email exchange between Pascal and talent manager Ilene Feldman reveals that Ryan Gosling might have his eye on appearing in the Ghostbusters reboot – an all female version from director Paul Feig. Other emails show that Pascal was also interested in booking Gosling for a role in Sinister Six and Jobs.

Finally, one particularly positive email leaked by the hackers was written by Channing Tatum. After learning the weekend box office numbers for his comedy hit 22 Jump Street, Tatum sent a congratulatory email to co-star and writer Jonah Hill and Pascal, gloating over their defeat of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, also an R-rated comedy: “F YOU TED!!!! SECOND OF ALLLL TIMMMMME BEEEOTCH!!!!”

Salary Gender Gap For American Hustle Stars

Of course, the hack has already exposed more damning information than a few inflammatory emails, including personal information of Sony employees (social security numbers and health records were reportedly stolen in the security breach) and salary documents that show a huge pay gap between the genders. The pay gap is evidenced in a leaked spreadsheet listing the salaries of 6,000 Sony staffers, and also in an email from Andrew Grumpert, President of Business Affairs and Administration for Columbia Pictures, that revealed that American Hustle stars Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams both earned less of a percentage of the film’s earnings than their male counterparts. According to the email, director David O’Russell and stars Bradely Cooper, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner (who had considerably less screentime than Lawrence and Adams) each earned 9%, whereas Lawrence and Adams were only given 7%.

Hackers Threaten More Leaks Upon The Interview Release

Guardians of the Peace, a hacking group that has taken credit for the massive Sony Hack, is far from done leaking Sony documents. In an email sent to journalists over the weekend, the group reportedly teased an upcoming “Christmas gift” that would “put Sony Pictures into the worst state.”

Sony Pictures’ The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is set to be released this Christmas. It is believed that Guardians of the Peace targeted Sony Pictures in an effort to stop the release of the film, which centers around a clueless television personality tasked with assassinating Kim Jong Un. On Dec. 8, Guardians of the Peace posted a message to Sony most likely referring to The Interview: “Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!”

Sony has said they are going forward with the film’s release on Dec. 25.

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