Sons of Anarchy, “Faith and Despondency,” opened with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) enlisting the help of Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) and the Aryan Brotherhood to get revenge on Marks’ (Billy Brown) team for killing Bobby (Mark Boone Junior).

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Recap

The first meeting between SAMCRO and the Aryan Brotherhood doesn’t go particularly smoothly. Otis (Luke Massy) and a few of his men express their problems with Leland (Brad Carter) not being Tully’s right-hand man anymore. Then, Otis takes his anger to a whole new level, getting in a couple of jabs at Tig (Kim Coates) for his romantic relationship with Venus (Walton Goggins). Tig responds with a bullet between Otis’s legs.

Tyler (Moe McCrae), going undercover for SAMCRO, forges an alliance with Moses Cartwright (Mathew St. Patrick) and helps him find Grim Bastards president T.O. (Michael Beach). Tyler and Moses then bring T.O. and Ratboy (Niko Nicotera) to where Bobby was kept. Moses gives both of them a beating and then threatens to scoop their eyes out if they don’t tell him where Leticia and Grant (Arjay Smith) are being harbored. Before more damage could be done to him, T.O. tells Moses about the cabin.

When Moses pulls up to the address T.O. had given him, it’s clear he’s been set up. They’d been sent to the hideout of the Aryan Brotherhood. As soon as two of Moses’ men open up an RV, a bomb goes off, wiping out half of Moses’s men. Before the rest of his men can escape, they’re shot down by SAMCRO and the AB. As for Moses, Jax takes an eye for an eye and fingers for Bobby’s fingers before shooting him dead.

SAMCRO’s day is almost done, but the club finds out that Leland is heading to the hospital to kill Officer Eglee (Marya Delver) because he found out she’s identified the AB as the culprit in her shooting. However, SAMCRO tells Unser (Dayton Callie) what’s going on. Before Leland can get to Eglee, Unser finishes him off.

Meanwhile, Abel is still having some trouble adjusting since losing his mother and finding out his grandmother was behind her death. When Ms. Harrison (Courtney Love) asks him about a cut over his eye, he says it was his little brother. She tells her young student that if it was an adult, that adult would face repercussions with the police. Later, in a bathroom, he cuts his arm with a metal fork from his lunchbox. Abel says his grandmother did it. Soon, Child Protective Services, Jax and Gemma (Katey Sagal) show up at the school.

After returning from the school, Wendy (Drea de Matteo) brings Abel and Thomas to Jax’s house until the Child Protective Services issues are sorted out with Gemma. Surprisingly, Jax takes this opportunity to tell Abel that Wendy is his real mother, catching Wendy off guard. She sheds happy tears as Jax goes to tuck Abel into bed. Abel, with new information about his mother, asks Jax, “ Is Wendy my first mommy ‘cause I came out of her tummy?” When Jax says that’s right, Abel follows up, “So, is that why Grandma killed my other mommy? So my first mommy could be here with me?”

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