Sofia Vergara scored a victory in her legal battle with ex Nick Loeb over their shared frozen embryos.


In 2013 while they were dating, Vergara underwent IVF and has two embryos created his sperm and her eggs and they were subsequently frozen for possible future pregnancies. Loeb, 42, claims that Vergara wanted the embryos destroyed, a claim that the actress denies, saying the pair signed an agreement under which no unilateral action can be taken for the embryos.

On Friday, a judge granted Vergara’s motion to dismiss the case Loeb has brought against her for lack of personal jurisdiction. In 2017, Loeb filed a right-to-live lawsuit in Louisiana on behalf of the embryos against Vergara. The fertilized eggs were named as plaintiffs  – Emma and Isabella. The suit requested custody of the embryos so that they could be born and ultimately inherit a trust fund from Loeb in their names. The documents stated that Vergara had “effectively abandoned and chronically neglected” the embryos by “refusing to consent to their development or care.”

In February, the 45-year-old actress filed papers in California asking for a permanent injunction to block Loeb from being able to use the embryos without her written consent.

According to the Louisiana judge who dismissed Loeb’s case, the court has no jurisdiction on the matter because the embryos were conceived in California, and neither parent had any ties to the southern state. In court documents, the judge reasoned that Loeb only tried the suit in Louisiana because of the state’s rights about unborn children.

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