Sherlock and Doctor Who fans could soon be flocking to London to visit the proposed “London Paramount Entertainment Resort,” a theme park that recently announced a partnership with the BBC.

Sherlock Theme Park

The BBC is reportedly in early talks with the London Resort Company Holdings and a property developer in an effort to bring Sherlock and Doctor Who – two of BBC’s biggest hits – to life at a theme park and resort. The developer also has a partnership with Paramount Pictures, which gives the park license to showcase huge films like Star Trek and The Godfather. London Resort director David Testa said he hopes the resort and park will mix the “glamor of Hollywood with the best of British culture.”

While still in the early stages, a Sherlock or Doctor Who-themed world could be hugely successful, just as Disneyland and Harry Potter World before it. The London Paramount Entertainment Resort is currently set to open in 2020, but, while the BBC has struck a deal for possible involvement, it’s unclear what that involvement will look like.

“The BBC has played an instrumental role in shaping the British entertainment industry for nearly a century, creating some of the most iconic and cherished characters on TV and radio” Testa said.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to extend fans’ enjoyment of their favorite shows and the idea behind this resort is a really exciting way of celebrating the very special place the BBC has in British culture,” said BBC Worldwide Director of Live Events Stephen Davies.

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