A seven-year-old girl was tragically killed on January 29 after she was attacked by her grandparent’s rottweiler. She was visiting her grandparents in Waynesboro, Virginia when she was attacked by the dog, and died later in hospital from her injuries.

Now, four members of the girl’s family involved in the incident, both her grandparents who owned the dog and her parents, were arrested on Friday after the investigation into the incident was concluded.

Her step-grandfather, Stephen Kachmar and grandmother, Penny Lee Bashlor, were charged with non-capital murder, involuntary manslaughter, child abuse, and possession of a vicious dog, which would total a combined sentence of up to 70 years in jail if convicted. Brooks Anthony Floyd and Alicia Rene Floyd, the girl’s parents, face more minor cruelty/injury to a child charge, which could land them a five-year sentence.

Alicia is the only one who has made bail while Brooks remains in jail, and the grandparents are being reportedly held without bail according to the Waynesboro County Police Department.

The four-year-old rottweiler had a known history of a couple of prior attacks in the area and was euthanized by authorities after this attack.

The obituary for Olivia Grace Floyd said that she loved cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, unicorns and animals. She was also described as a “spunky, sweet and caring girl that got along with everyone and loved life.”

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