Marvel Avengers star Sebastian Stan is facing backlash on Twitter after it was discovered that his girlfriend Alejandra Onieva had dressed in “Asian” clothes and posted a picture in them in 2018.

Onieva captioned the photo, which has since been deleted, “dos Japnonisitas in the middle of the night #geishas.”

After noticing the post many fans started to message Stan about the issue. Stan then blocked those sending him messages, causing the hashtag, #SebastianStanIsOverParty to go viral on Twitter. 


One user tweeted, “As an Asian woman, it hurts when your favorite defends his girlfriend and decides to block people for her racist choices. This is the last straw. #SebastianStanIsOverParty”

Another attached a screenshot of the post along with other images of tweets about how they were blocked by Stan, “what a story yikesssss #SebastianStanIsOverParty.”

Many who claimed to be long-term fans of Stan and his films stated that they no longer liked him. A fan wrote, “So much for being unproblematic. Don’t forget the fans supported you when you were in shitty movies and spoke out for you for better treatment. I didn’t forget I’m disappointed #sebastianstanisoverparty.”

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