Scott Disick has checked himself into the Rythmia Life Advancement Center rehabilitation facility in Costa Rica.

Scott Disick Enters Rehab

Disick announced his decision to seek help at the treatment center in Lorena, Guanacaste, Costa Rica that uses alternative therapy methods on Monday.

“I realize my issues are bigger than me and I’m ready to truly remedy this struggle I continue to battle,” Disick said in the statement. “While I have been unconvinced in the past of treatment and therapy methods, Rythmia’s rehab approach puts my worries at ease. The fact that there is a money back guarantee that has never been called upon gives me even more confidence. I am looking forward to starting my therapy and iboga treatment there.”

Gerard Powell, Rythmia Center CEO, explained in the press release about Disick’s rehab that RLAC takes a different approach to addiction that other facilities. “Unlike other rehab centers, RLAC does not believe addiction is a disease; we believe people like Scott become dependent on their vices due to past events they have not reconciled with, current conditions they cannot cope with, and things they believe aren’t true,” Powell explained.

Disick’s longterm relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, with whom he stars with on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has been suffering as a result of his partying antics. Together, Disick and Kardashian are trying to raise three children – Mason, 5, Penelope, 2, and newborn Reign Aston.

“Kourtney is so tired. She has heard the same excuses again and again,” a source told People magazine. “He lives a lifestyle that is just so different than what Kourtney wants for her life and family.”

“Scott has to realize that his actions have consequences that go far beyond himself, the source added. “He can be his own worst enemies. Everyone has tried to help him, but that makes no difference unless he can help himself.”



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