Scott Baio, the Happy Days and Charles in Charge actor, has endorsed real estate mogul-turned-presidential candidate Donald Trump for president.

Scott Baio Endorses Donald Trump

Baio has become the latest celebrity to reveal that he’s backing Trump to be the next president of the United States. In a sit-down interview, Baio, who previously backed Gov. Scott Walker‘s bid for the presidency, explained why Trump has become his new candidate of choice to Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro.

“It’s very simple, because when he speaks I understand him. He speaks like I speak, he communicates with people very well. I want him, as any one person can do, to go into Washington and blow it up,” Baio told Pirro.

While Baio has nice things to say about fellow GOP candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich, he doesn’t believe that they will have the “wherewithal to fight back” when it comes to the general election contest, which will likely see the Republican nominee pitted against Hillary Clinton.

“[The Democrats] are going to attack whomever the Republican nominee is, and we need somebody to relentlessly, relentlessly attack Hillary,” opined Baio. “It’s the only way we’re going to win. This getting above the fray, and not getting in the dirt, ‘we’re better than that’ doesn’t work anymore. I’m trying to be a classy guy, but to win elections nowadays, the Democrats and liberals attack viciously.”

Baio went on to share his disillusionment with the Republican party at large, explaining, “I’m fed up. I’m done with them. I’m done with the Republicans. They’ve lied and conned and B.S.ed me for a very long time. I don’t even consider myself a Republican anymore. I’m a conservative Independent.”

Baio joins fellow Hollywood names Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Aaron Carter and Kid Rock in supporting Trump for president.

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