Scandal’s fourth season will come to an end Thursday night in the episode titled “You Can’t Take Command,” which the stars of the show promise will have some major shocks for the fans.

Scandal Finale Spoilers

According to Kerry Washington, who stars on Scandal as political fixer Olivia Pope, even she was surprised by what the writers cooked up for this season’s finale.

“This season’s finale is full of twists and turns that I never saw coming,” Washington told Entertainment Weekly. “No one is safe. No one is immune. It’s an old school Scandal whirlwind of shock and awe.”

Joshua Molina, who plays Attorney General David Rosen on the show, echoed Washington’s summation of the finale.

“In the finale many of the characters are put to difficult decisions, and very important decisions, and decisions that have huge ramifications,” said Molina. “There will be some casualties – of one type or another.”

As Olivia Pope & Associates tries to take down B613 from the top down, aiming for its leader and Olivia Pope’s father Rowan (Joe Morton), Jake’s life might be the one that’s most in danger. And though Rowan has shown his reluctance to kill his own daughter, until he’s dead, she’ll never feel safe either.


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“I don’t think he would ever kill his daughter,” Morton said, adding, “Until Rowan is dead, or gone foreverand I don’t know how else you do that but die—Jake is not safe. He’ll always be looking over his shoulder, as will Olivia.”

While Washington, Molina and Morton all spoke about the potential literal deaths on the season finale, Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck on the show, foresees the end of fans’ perceptions of certain characters.

“The audience and the fans are going to feel very differently about certain characters on this show,” Diaz teased. “What they felt for them is going to completely change after they see the finale.”


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